Play Free Sudoku

Sudoku is particularly notable among other puzzle games. It is a Japanese mathematical puzzle very popular all over the world. In the past it used to be published in newspapers and magazines, then electronic versions of this game appeared.

Sudoku is an absorbing logic-based game that not only lets you while away the time, but also helps to develop your intellect. Playing this game regularly, you can improve your memory, mental capacity, increase your concentration and attention level.

Game Description

Sudoku is based on the logical arrangement of the digits. You don’t need any special mathematical knowledge to solve this puzzle. Just be attentive and concentrated. At first the game may seem complicated and confusing, but when you understand its logic, this impression will disappear.

Game Rules

The playing field is represented by a 9x9 square. The goal of the game is to fill the grid with the digits from 1 to 9 so that all these ciphers are present in each row, in each column and in each 3x3 subgrid.

At the beginning of the game some numbers are already inscribed in the playing field. There are different difficulty levels: the fewer initial digits are there in the grid – the more difficult the puzzle is.

Starting from the present digits, the missing ones must be inserted in the game square. The solution is considered incorrect in the following cases:

  • the digits from 1 to 9 are repeated in any row;
  • the digits from 1 to 9 are repeated in any column;
  • the digits from 1 to 9 are repeated in any 3x3 subgrid.

If at least one of the digits is duplicated in one of the rows, columns or in one of the 3x3 subsquares, you won’t manage to solve the puzzle. To cope with it you need to be attentive while inserting the ciphers.

Game Hints

At first Sudoku can be a rather complicated game if you have never played it before. You can feel confused, because it will be difficult to decide upon a number and its place in the grid. Follow the tips for the beginners to make the task easier.

  • Start filling the game field from those rows, columns and 3x3 squares, where the maximum quantity of digits is already given. It will be easier to insert the missing digits if there are already 5 or more of them present. After examining the absent numbers, you will notice that some of them can be inserted only in certain cells, because in others they will be doubled.
  • In your mind divide the game grid into three columns and three rows. Each of them will consist of three 3x3 subgrids. Now look for the rows and columns which contain two equal numbers. The principle of the game makes it clear that the same cipher must appear in the remaining nine-cell part. Look at the remaining nine fields carefully so that you understand exactly where the missing digit should be inscribed.

Start playing the Sudoku game online for free and enjoy it.